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Settled In

Well it is now winter and we are all settled in at the new farm.  The goats had a little bit of a rough go at first with becoming accustomed to the new climate and the thin air.  As did I!  it's amazing how tired a little lack of oxygen can make you, Go figure!
We were able to sell our farm in Oklahoma and as always God is good and we got over our asking price.  What a blessing!  The new farm is wonderful.  We still would like more land but that will come with time.  We did go from 5 acres to 9, so it's almost double.
We were also blessed with a barn already half built, so shelter was not as big an issue.  This coming summer we hope to put up the other half of the barn and have an enclosed area.
Surprisingly the goats have managed the winter very well.  They are very puffed up in their winter coats, and my does are very pregnant.  They look like big cotton balls on legs!  
I am excited for the arrival of our new kid crop, and a little nervous.  But Kiko's are such amazing mothers that I know all will be well.  I hope to capture video of the kids birth, and be able to put them on the website for those that are interested.  I know that it can be very helpful to the expecting human parent to see the process.
Until next time...!
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