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Copper Update
Copper Deficiency
Settled In
Closed on the new house!
Our farm is Moving


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Copper Update

It has been a good winter as far as kids being born.  we really did very well this year and all kids have found a new home.  
While  has gone well we are still working on our nutrition.  Trying to develop a program to meet all nutritional needs for a large herd is not always easy.
We do know that after an extensive visit to our vet and many tests we are good on all areas except of course copper.
currently we are giving Multimin 90 shots which is 1cc subq about every 6 months and we are leaving out fresh minerals Purina goat mix in loose form at all times.  We have seen an improvement in coats, color, and energy.  So for now this is working and i will post more as I can

Copper Deficiency

So one day as I am out eyeballing my beloved herd, I notice their fur does not look quite right. As always my first guess is I have a worm issue.  Usually that is the rough coat.  So I start grabbing does and checking eye color.  I even run a few fecals under the microscope.  Nope we are good there.  Hmm. So next I inspect the hair, it's dry, it's loosing color and a few does are loosing hair.  
Okay, now my heart is sinking. I hate this, go to the barn find an issue, then its hit the books, scan the web, and finally consult the vet.

Settled In

Well it is now winter and we are all settled in at the new farm.  The goats had a little bit of a rough go at first with becoming accustomed to the new climate and the thin air.  As did I!  it's amazing how tired a little lack of oxygen can make you, Go figure!
We were able to sell our farm in Oklahoma and as always God is good and we got over our asking price.  What a blessing!  The new farm is wonderful.  We still would like more land but that will come with time.

Closed on the new house!

Praise God!  Finally we have purchased our new home!  We are so excited, now if we can get this one on the market, and all the critters moved, we will have success!  Anyone want to buy a slightly used goat farm?

Our farm is Moving

We have exciting news!
Not only has this been a wonderful year for our goat farm (despite the drought)
but we have an opportunity to move our little operation to another state>
Stay tuned for details.....!

New to the blog

I am starting this because I enjoy goats and want to share all the funny, and annoying things they do.  My hope is that as you read you will become a part of our lives and love goats as much as we do!.  I am new at this, so bear with me.  My plan is to post things and event in our ranch life as well as pictures. So enjoy, and God bless!
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