Stookey Goat Farm  - Wyoming Kiko Goats
Pack Goat:
For help with any pack goat questions the best resource is
Clay Zimmerman with High Uinta Pack Goats

A wonderful resource for the Kiko breed and goats in general 
Linda Sparks
Goat Hill Kikos

Hands down the best place to meet goat experts, get information and be immersed in the world of goats. As an extension school if you have an issue these guys are here to help at no cost.
Langston University in Langston Oklahoma

We use Ranch Manager software for our farm needs.  We find it easy to use and allows us to manage not only the animals but finances as well
Ranch Manager by Lionedge

Members of:

National Kiko Registry:
This is the registry that we use to register our animals.  We have tried other registries in the past, and have chosen this registry due to ease of registration, professionalism and the cost.

American Goat Federation:
An organization that is geared toward the promotion of Goat and Sheep production.  This group is the voice for producers regarding legislation, medical advances, and welfare of the animal and the producer.

Reading Material:
Over the years I think I have bought every book available on goats.  If it mentioned a goat I brought it home.  Below is a list of my top go-to books in order of use.  These are the books I refer to over and over  and a review of each one.

Meat Goat Production Handbook.  This is a manual put out by Langston University in Langston Oklahoma.  It is a compilation of many authors each a leader in their field.  This is probably the most thorough book to date.  It covers a-z, from bio-security to fencing, butchering, health, marketing, feed, genetics, parasites, it is a book you can use and apply in the field and very easy to understand.  It can be used for all goats, not just meat.

Diseases of the Goat, 3rd Edition by John Matthews.  I use this book often as another resource for any extra ailment we may think we have.  This book is written more for the veterinarian but can be applied to your operation.  I use it in aid to diagnose or rule out a diagnosis before I call our vet.  Great pictures and written for goats in the UK.  

Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats: Managing, Breeding, Marketing by Maggie Sayer.
I use this book for two things: 1.) It has a great section on kidding with clear cut instructions and pictures.  I value it so much I keep a laminated chart in the barn. 
2.) I use the weight chart to measure my goats.  I have found it to be very accurate to within a few pounds.
The book as a whole is great and well written, a good reference for the beginner to the seasoned rancher.

Natural Goat Care by Pat Colby.  I love this book!  I use this regarding nutrition.  As our area struggles with cooper, this book has helped.  The other thing I love is the author is from Australia, she has been working goats for decades and her amount of knowledge is incredible. Much can be learned from her.

The Pack Goat by John Mionczynski.  A great resource for the beginner to the advance packer. A must have

Storey's Working Animals, Livestock Guardians, using Dogs, Donkeys and Llamas to protect your Herd.  by Janet Vorwald Dohner. 
 If you are considering which guardian will work for your operation this is a must-have.  Compilation of ranchers that use each method and what works and doesn't work for them.  We found this very helpful in looking at our operation and deciding what would work for us. Well written, thoughtful and informative.

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