Stookey Goat Farm  - Wyoming Kiko Goats
Pack Goats  I receive many questions regarding the Kiko as a pack goat.  I hope to answer those questions here.  If you have more questions don't hesitate to call me!  If I don't know I can put you in touch with several people who can help!
The Kiko is amazing as a pack goat.  Over the last few years I have sold many boys as pack goats.  I DO NOT PACK MYSELF.  So I will tell you from the start that my information is from experienced packers and customers who have bought from me and kept in touch letting me know how they do.
One of the great things about the Kiko is their calm disposition.  At least most of mine are.  They have hard feet that do not require a lot of trimming which is another plus.  They have great stamina and do not complain.  As far as maintenance they need little.  Being a meat goat they are hefty and can carry well.
The kiko does have more of a slant at the wither.  This can require a customized saddle but not a big deal.
Clay Zimmerman with High Uinta Pack Goats recommends not starting your pack goat under full weight until 3 years of age.

If your are looking to purchase a boy as a pack goat from me.  This is our procedure:

As soon as people start calling me and send me a deposit of 50% ($100.00) to reserve their kids, I start a list.  If I do not have your deposit, you might not get called.  I fill the order as they come in so first born goes to first customer, 2nd born goes to 2nd customer and so forth. It behooves you to get in early and secure your spot. I do not custom fill. What I can try to do is if we have a large number born at the same time and you want white or color and I have that then I can give you that. I just cannot guarantee. 

Please know that you are not alone in raising your baby! I will send you home with milk to get you started, we use Does Match by Land O' Lakes. You will want to get this before picking up your goat.  I will include a feeding schedule and info on general care. I am also available day or night by phone for any questions or concerns.  

I have several does that produce nice long legged kids that I select for as pack goats.  If you want a pack goat I need to know before kidding.  I will give the kids 24 hours on mom to get colostrum then pull that kid and get it on a bottle.  You as the customer must be here within the next few days to pick up your kid.  Most packers want bottle raised kids so they can bond.If I raise the kid on the bottle the price will increase as it is more expensive and a lot more labor on my part. 

 Payment has to be up front in full.  If the kid is over three months, they will leave here banded. I sale my kids as a pack goat for $200.00 a kid. If you change YOUR mind AFTER I have pulled a kid and got it on the bottle you will NOT get a refund. If I cannot fill your order (can happen if not enough boys are born) I will refund you in full, or I can apply it to a future order. That choice I will leave up to you.  

Please know when I pull kids from their dams it is very hard on them!  These mothers grieve and spend hours or days looking for their lost one!  So I need you to be serious and make a commitment to buy before I pull a kid. 

  These pictures are from customers Jason and Karlie M. and Zac D.  Thank you for your purchase and the great photos!!

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