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So Just What is a Kiko?
Well in short it's a meat goat!  But a Kiko is so much more. The name Kiko (key-ko) originated in new Zealand.  This breed was developed first By Garrick and Anne Batten around 1978.  After careful observation it was noted that the feral goats of New Zealand had the strong qualities we like to see in goats, like able to travel long distance for browse, good feet, good udders, excellent mothers but they lacked what the dairy goat had as far as milk production , and the size for meat.  So the best of both was brought together through careful breeding and culling over several generations.  You have what we now call the Kiko.
It was derived from several dairy, Anglo-Nubian, Toggenburg, Saanan, and Brittish Alpine.
In 1986 Caprinex meshed with five others and GOATEX Group Ltd was developed. This involvement allowed a wider range of genetics, and continued improvements to the breed.  Until you get what we have today, an amazing animal that is superior in strength and can not only live under harsh conditions, but can thrive and reproduce.
While the Boer goat has been altered over the years to excel in the show ring and has an amazing weight gain, it has had to sacrifice in some areas to gain those traits.  The Kiko has the gain of the Boer but without the kidding and parasite problems. For most Kiko breeders the choice was simple. This is not to criticize one breed over another, just to show the difference of the two.
The very first Imports of the Kiko to America were four bucks from Dr. An Peischel to Hawaii in the year of 1991.  She now resides in Tennessee and is an Extension Professor for the University.
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