Stookey Goat Farm  - Wyoming Kiko Goats
Our Herd
Originally we began with the Boer breed, as time went on we found some Boer traits that we liked and some we didn't.  We also discovered some Boer goats we liked and those we didn't.  We began looking at other breeds and discovered the Kiko Breed.  After making several purchases we kept the ones that preformed well, that needed little to no management and from that we have started our herd.
We remain open to all breeds, Boer, Kiko, Savanna, even dairy,  and instead look at the animal as an individual and its past performances.  I feel that if the doe is a good mother, kids well, has all the qualities I look for, and the buck has good stamina and can breed under harsh conditions and of course foot and parasite control then I don't care what breed the goat is.  I want the qualities that I want.  Thats what we are striving for and we are blessed with a small herd to be able to do this with.  Our hope is that as the herd grows we have a superb stock to start from, and so far we like what we have seen.  We also want to be able to offer registered Purebred Kikos for those that want them.

The longer we have been doing this the more we have moved towards the registered 100% New Zealand Kiko.  The demand from our customer base has steered us in that direction and we are happy to be able to provide it.
Goats in the barn

Barn Shot
  Iron Maiden, (she bangs her head a lot)
Iron Maiden one of our 100%

Elka another 100% KikoElka one of our 100% New Zealand Kiko Does 
 Our barnyard and goat jungle gyms. 
Barnyard shot kikos at play

Cairo, one of our herd sires
Meet Olivia!  This is my herd queen.  She is as tough as they come.  And a ham.
Olivia, a Kiko cross
Another great shot of Cairo


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