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In Memory:
We are a meat goat operation, we take animals to market all the time.
While we realize that these animals come and go, every now and then we have special ones that will have a place with us for life.  So when we loose one of these special goats it does hurt our hearts.  This page is dedicated to those special animals.  I also think it is important for the customer to know why a goat may expire on the farm other than butchering.

  SHL VIOLET aka CRAZY LADY DOB: 03/01/2005 
DOD 01/02/2015
One of our first major purchases of a group of does.  We bought her in 2011.  She was an amazing mother, never had a problem kidding.  She gave us twins every year and had her kids up and nursing within the hour.  After a long battle with her weight we realized she had lost all our her lower teeth in back and several on top.  Her front teeth were also becoming loose.  After a visit to the vet, it was determined that the remainder of her life would not be spent with the herd but locked in isolation on a special diet.  She could no longer browse or graze, and she did not want to mix with the herd.  Psychologically for her it was decided to euthanize her.  We could have taken her to market, and made money.  We could have sold her, but that was no way to honor her or her contributions to our farm.  So at the age of ten she was humanley put to sleep.  She will be missed but we are glad to have several of her does so that her genetics may continue.

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