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It's not just a goat, it's a way of life

Wyoming Kiko Goats

Stookey Goat Farm

About Us

Our Farm just outside Mountain View Wyoming is owned and operated by my husband and me, he is a retired Police Officer with 30 years on the force, and just recently took a position with the FAA, and I was a Nursing Home Administrator. So how did we get involved in goats?

In 2008 my uncle, a veterinarian gave us two bottle baby goats to raise for our daughter's FFA project. Long story short we raised them in the house and fell in love with goats.

In 2010 we decided that we wanted to expand our herd (of two) and get serious. We figured the best way to do that was to learn all we could about goats, the different breeds and the industry.

I think I have read every book out there, we have attended every course we could find, Oklahoma State University's Meat Goat Boot Camp, a course in AI through Langston University, a farm tour by OSU's vet med for teaching purposes and anything else we can find. Not to mention being blessed to know many goat veterinarians.

We are FAMACHA certified, a method of checking eye color and de-worming only those that need it.

I have just passed Langston University's Quality Meat Goat Producer program.

Needless to say, we are hooked, and we love to share any information we have!

In May 2012 we made the move to Wyoming from Oklahoma and have been so blessed to be here and a part of this little community.

(Picture of a recent hike we took with one of our goats in the national forest)

Mountain Stream in nearby mountains